Web Development

ImageCreation.com offers custom website design that fits your specific needs for appearance, functionality and production to help you build your business or organization. In addition to design, we provide custom development to hand-code the HTML markup and CSS styling languages for validated, search-engine friendly pages. WordPress can also be used for web development as well as a powerful content management system (CMS) for store based sites.

Collaboratively administrate empowered markets via plug-and-play networks. Upon your initial contact, Excellent customer service will be provided for whatever length of project that you need. The scope of your project could include:

  • Consulting.
    This includes performing an evaluation of your existing site and an interview to explore options and ideas for your custom design or redesign.

  • Proposal.
    A free proposal will be provided which includes a thorough description of the project, sketches or simple mockups of your layout and accurate pricing.

  • Custom Design and Development.
    Upon agreement to the details, pricing and terms of the proposal, We will begin creating the professional design of your project. The structural elements will be developed including hand coding the HTML markup and CSS styling languages for search engine friendly, browser compliant and validated pages.

  • Primary SEO.
    While your site is being developed, some basic search engine optimization (SEO) practices will be employed. This includes search engine promotion (Google, Yahoo), basic unique keyword listing (up to 10 words) for each page and basic unique page description (up to 20 words) for each page.

  • Launch.
    Upon completion of the site design and development with all final edits finished and approved, your site files will be uploaded to your host server for the launch of your website.

In addition to this regular process, Imagecreation.com can also provide:

  • Domain Name Registration

  • Hosting Setup

  • Website Stats Setup (Google)

All these steps are important for achieving a customized website that is specific to your needs. In addition, I also recommend having and implementing a comprehensive plan for extensive search engine optimization (SEO).

What is SEO?
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a way to improve traffic to a website using the best current methods that search engines expect from a site. This optimization helps your site to be crawled, indexed and ranked by search engines. Then when someone searches for websites in your category, your website should be more easily found.

Why is SEO important?
Search engines use patented algorithms to crawl web pages and index the page content that they find. Search engines are continually evolving their methods. What was effective SEO three years ago is, in all probability no longer as effective today. It is important to maintain current SEO methods in order to capture the most amount of traffic possible.

Some people choose to maintain their own SEO. For others, this becomes too time consuming. A wise alternative is to hire an expert to maintain your SEO. Imagecreation.com can provide you with more information about recommended SEO solutions.